T/4 H Yamashita, 06/06/1945

6 June 45

Dear Mr Turner:

Hello Mr Turner! How are you getting along these fine days? It has been quite sometime since I last saw you way back in ’44 but I hope everything is okay with you & getting along fine with your old job & also with the Club!

Have been receiving your letters quite often together with the list of names & amount paid to the club but neglected my writing! My apology Mr Turner! I have no alibi & its all my fault! I’ll explain to you upon my arrival and at the present time waiting for shipment!

Yes I finally left the outfit some few days ago & at present in one Repl Depot waiting for our boat! For the past three days, we had gone thru all kinds of inspec-

tions, drawing clocking etc which knocked us out! Finally yesterday everything was finished & this day some of the boys had the privilege of going on pass! But, to your surprise, yours truly had its surprise going on KP on the first day! Just imagine my first KP since Boom Town! Ha! ha! Sure had a grand time scrubbing those pots alright.

On the day we left, we were the second bunch leaving on the point system! The first left on the plane including Andy, Kitaoka & twenty other soldiers of 100! Lucky soldiers! We both had a big send off – with the whole regiment participating in a parade! All of us boys stood along side of the C.O. as the soldiers marched before us! “Pass in Review”. As I watched the parade I had an empty feeling & the first thing came in mind was our old friend Col Anderson! Remember? Immediately after the parade & ceremonies we boarded the truck shaking hands for the last time with our comrades– tears in our eyes as the band played Aloha Oe! To tell you the truth I couldn’t say a word

for almost ten minutes when but nod my head when Maj Fukuda, Chaplain Yost & my buddies came around. I’ll tell you more when I return – Mr Turner!

In regards to the Club 100, I talked to Capt Kometani just before leaving & asked him to select someone to collect the fees in the event he leaves the outfit too. Probably Lt Yamamoto or another officer will be handling the fees collected from members that came in as a replacement up to 9Aug44. Within a short time Capt may be leaving also! As the same you’ll be receiving a check for $1428 – to be deposited to the Club 100!

For your information, the boys leaving on this point system consists mostly of the original & I guess within the next or two bunch – the whole original will be out of the regiment.

Mr Turner, I have more to write but since its almost chow time & takes too much space I’ll leave you & tell you more upon my arrival! I’ll call you up the first thing I hit port! Until then – Aloha nui kakou & my regards to the gang!

My regards to Specs Morimoto working at your office!

H. Yamashita
P.S. Writing on a bunk is rather uncomfortable so I hope you’ll pardon my scribbling.