WOJG Hideo Kajikawa, 08/13/1944

Pers Sec, 442nd Inf
APO #464, c/o P. M.
New York, New York

August 13, 1944

Dear Col Turner:

Yes, Colonel, the return address is correct. It’s finally happened. It took a long time for them to throw mud in our eyes but when they did, the shock wasn’t any easier to take.

The outfit still retains puka puka designation which is some consolation but even at that, have to tack on 442d Inf after the puka puka bn. More as time goes by, it seems that I get to have that much less faith in what the brains do. But I guess that there’s nothing much that can be done about it.

As for my return address, I have been transferred to 442nd Inf outright. The new T/0 doesn’t call for a WO so they just had to take me over there, though I can well imagine that they didn’t like the idea any more than I do. The T/0 mentioned is the same as we were working under at McCoy and Shelby. Anyway, that leaves me not the “fifth wheel” but “sixth wheel”. That’s to be the outcome, I don’t know but I certainly am not worrying too much about it. The old kanaka custom, Colonel.

We’re enjoying a bit of rest these days. By we, I mean the men up forward. As for us, there isn’t much difference— it’s always work, work and some more work. My gang is going with me so I have a sneaking hunch that the setup will be somewhat similar to the setup we had last year. I don’t know, though.

I have talked with Capt Kometani about the club 100 deal and we have agreed that even with the present setup we should continue taking in the money. By this month end, we should be reaching the 30,000 total, which is pretty good figure for one year’s time, I think.

This letter is going to be very short, Colonel, but my morale isn’t too high these days so you’ll have to excuse me until the next time.