WO Hideo Kajikawa, 10/07/1944

Somewhere in France
Pers Ser 442nd Inf
APO 758 c/o Postmaster
New York, N.Y.
October 7, 1944

Dear Col Turner

Your letter of Aug 19 with the proposed articles of agreement for Club 100 reached me couple of weeks ago but for reasons you can well guess, I haven’t been able to answer.

We had a meeting – in fact couple of them – to rehash the proposed articles and after due discussion we finally came to a the conclusion that certain conditions have changed necessitating changes in the articles itself.

I believe that Andy Okamura, our secretary, has already sent you the copies of the articles so I’ll not overload this envelope with a copy.

I also believe that you’ve
already heard from Kome about the officers but this won’t take space so I’ll rename them here:

Pres – Capt Kometani
V Pres – Capt Takahashi
Treas – [illegible] Hideo Yamashita
Secretary – [2?] Sgt Okamura
Hono. Rep. Lt Col Turner

Three men were approved and will be asked to become honorary members: Mr. C.R. Hemenway, Delegate Joseph R. Farrington & Mr. L.F. Deacon or was it F. L. Deacon. Mr. Deacon, I believe, is with Castle & Cooke but “being a mainland Katonk” I don’t know much about him. But that’s not too surprising I guess, because quite a few of the delegates didn’t know either.

It may be of interest to you to know that one Kajikawa
for V.P. but he declined the nomination (as if he would have been elected anyway – pretty conceited, don’t you think) for reasons –good one.

My section has been taken over “lock, stock and barrel” by the Go for Brokes and the clerks are getting along okay, altho they can’t quite get used to the quality of work which they can produce now and get away with it.

As for me, I’m just taking things easy – waiting for something to “pop”. And I certainly hope it “pops” pretty soon as I’m getting pretty impatient about it.

While reading your letter, I noticed particularly the ending sentence where you wrote “And I won’t name you, but I would like to hear from you, as I think you know” didn’t quite “register” in my brains but so it looks like I’ll need

The collection for the Club will be delayed this time for reasons you can guess. Also I believe that future collections will be a bit harder to make than previously and also will tend to get smaller each month.

I am also inclined to think that it would be a good idea if we can get some one back in the Islands to start in collecting taking in the money for those who have already gone back there. Most likely you have some one in mind back there who could do that work for us. The present amount is $2.00 per month, with $22.00 paid in up to July 31, 1944.

Has Howard Hiraki called on you yet? He mentioned several times that he was going to see you but never
did say whether he finally did or not. I believe he’s stationed at APO 958 so when his work slackens, he’ll be able to see you.

JBC personally called on us several months ago. Kunimura was telling me about it. Incidentally the last I heard Kunimura was still awaiting shipment but I hope that he’s on his way by now.

I’m still looking forward to following suit but Lady Luck is going to have to smile pretty strong. But I still have my hopes and as the song so “if you keep on wishing” –

Looks like I spread myself this time and I hope I wrote something which is of interest to you. (I have my doubts but the letter goes anyway so I guess you’re stuck with it, Colonel)

Aloha from France and here’s hoping I’ll get to see you soon.


P.S. News of France must wait until next letter. Suffice to say for the present that small kids don’t go around peddling or approach like as in Italy.