Doc (Dr. Katsumi Kometani), 06/27/1945

Reims, France
27 June 1945

Hello Col. Turner:

While going through my uniforms, class A in preparation for movement I came across a letter I wrote while in England and absentmindedly forgot to mail it so
forgive my long delay. Anyway I got several Xmas cards and pkg. today so the delay isn’t too bad is it?

I was with Patton’s Third and went clear across Germany into Austria. In fact we were in the released POW camp of Mooseberg the day it was captured. I got lost as usual while in control of a surgical truck in an infiltrating convoy move, real reason was I was looking for some of the Seventh troops for information about the old gang and nearly rode into a town Landshut still in SS hands at that time. More fun don’t you think? Anyway I got into a german warehouse and was fooling around when a booby trap let loose. Didn’t damage anything but started a gas attack of some sort and drove me and out in a hurry and coughing like hell. When I rejoined the outfit I was among the first to be there and here I was roaming wide of my beam. They were delayed because of some tactical reasons which I happened to just ignore. On that trip I could have actually captured a German colonel and several brass hats since they were walking to our line waving a white flag and tried to stop our truck to surrender but we ignored them – to hell with them they can walk.

Spent my VEday amputating legs digging out grenade fragments out of chests, arms and legs. Didn’t get a chance to get drunk. Am waiting to be sent home now really sweat-it out. I’m looking forward to a nice quiet rest with lots of kaukau and sleep.

Please don’t answer because I’ll be on my way soon and may spent Xmas season in Hawaii

Respectfully as ever