Doc (Dr. Katsumi Kometani), undated

In England

Dear Colo. Turner: –

It’s been a long time since I wrote. Now that I’m resting in London on a 5 day leave I feel ambitious enough to drop a line. I’m with the outfit that I mentioned last. This is an evacuation hospital + till we got someone with the proper rank I was chief of surgery, as is I’m the asst chief now. My hope and prayer not realized as yet is to support the one puka puka. Life is tough even with the relative luxuries as compared to the old gang, but as yet it’s pretty tough for me to walk around on marches, so as the prize goldbrick I usually manage to ride, however in the professional work I carry my share. It’s pretty tough to get back into sounds of guns and enemy planes. As is I’m at present scared stiff because of these damned U2 that’s visiting us here. I guess when this mess is over I won’t be worth a damn, but who’s complaining?

Won’t you let me hear any news about the old gang? How about news over there? Jim? I get nothing here you know. Best of luck.