Israel A.S. Yost, 02/26/1946

February 26, 1946

Dear Colonel Turner,

Your letter was received with much pleasure—both on my part, and by my wife (she has never met you, of course, but she feels that she knows you from the things I’ve said about you and the old 100th Battalion.)

If all goes well I want to visit Hawaii in the summer of 1949; by that time I can save up my vacation periods in this present parish, and than take a long vacation in Hawaii. At the fast pace at which time rolls nowadays, that is not too far off.

And you tempt me with the suggestion to transfer my work to your part of the world especially since I know there is a Lutheran Church in Honolulu, and that Pastor Hoermann is up in years. However, my present call is to this parish in Tower City, and I never cross a bridge until I get to it.

Since December 1, 1945 I’ve been the pastor of this two-church charge. It keeps me busy, for the one church has a membership of 500 adults, and the other of 350, and each church has a full program, so it is just double the work of an ordinary parish. But I like it; the people are responsive.

We live in a roomy parsonage, with a big yard, and even a chicken stable. The two children like the house, the town, and the people. And our 17 year old foster-daughter is having a fine time in the high school which is just next door.

When old buddies meet give them my Aloha, and tell them I hope to see them all in the summer of 1949, God willing.

With pleasant memories,

Israel Yost