Chaplain I Yost, 09/20/1944


September 20, 1944

Dear Col. Turner,

Many thanks for the assistance you gave in helping Sgt. Fukuda with his request. He was overjoyed to hear the good news, and wants to thank you for your part in the good deed.

There will probably be an opportunity to extend your greetings to the One Puka Puka tomorrow, when, if the weather permits, we expect to commemorate our arrival in Italy. Komi is making some arrangements for the day. He just the same as ever, working for “the boys.”

Lately I’ve been getting a bit homesick for my wife and two kiddies. That is the natural reaction of seeing some of the men going home on furlough and rotation, I guess. But I can stick it out for many another month yet, I know. I’m glad that so many of the men are already back in the Islands, and I hope that many more get that chance, for they all certainly deserve it.

Today is a rainy day, and my tent is full — two “paesan” children and two of the boys in the Medics. I’m having a difficult time in concentrating, therefore. It is such a gloomy day that I’m burning a candle so I can see to type.

You are not at all forgotten by the men of the 100th, and I know that you have not forgotten us.

Again, many thanks

Chaplain Yost