S/Sgt J. Akamine, March 11, 1944

March 11, 1944

Dear Sir,

Through a letter to Fumi Taniyama from Lt. Tsubota, I learned that you and Sgt. Kitsu were at the Fletcher General.

I am writing because I want you to know that I’ve been thinking of you a great deal – just as the other boys of the 100th has. It seems that every time I come across a 100th man the subject eventually switches to you. Everybody has but the highest regard for you and realize that you have done more for the 100th than any single man. That is why every body still able to are fighting so hard up there.

I once wrote to a friend from Camp Shelby that I’ll give my right arm for you and I believe that there are many in the 100th who would be willing to do so. Believe me, the good work of the boys up there is because of your faith and belief in them. That is why I’m writing you this for I’d never be able to tell you so and you probably wouldn’t listen.

Boys from the 442nd have often times written to me how their C.O. never did back them up as you did us. They say we are lucky. – I really know we are.

In the hospitals in N. Africa, officers who have met you at the 70th Gen. talked to me about you and every one of them have the highest praise for you. Taniyama too has been approached by officers and I believe it was the same with the rest of the boys in the hospital.

I have heard that you have been insulted and abused because of your staunch belief and faith in us. Only a man like you could take it and keep on going as you did. Whoever leads the 100th after you is only a figure head and it is for you the boys are fighting.

Pretty soon, I’ll be sent back to duty. I know for sure that there won’t be another C.O. like you.

Please take good care of yourself and get well soon. – It will make the boys happier for everyone seems to ask about you.

I’ve wanted to write this for a long time but didn’t know where you were. Now that I’ve written it, I hope that it finds you well on the road to recovery. – Till then, I am,

A faithful 100th Inf. Man,
S/Sgt. J. Akamine