Captain Jack H Mizuha, 04/06/1945


Hanamaulu, Kauai, Hawaii
April 6, 1945

Mr. Oren E. Long, Superintendent
Department of Public Instruction
Territorial Office Building
Honolulu, Hawaii

Dear Mr. Long:

This is a follow-up to our conversation in Honolulu. I have just talked to Miss Hundley about my placement in September. She agrees that a shift to the city will be advantageous not only to myself but also to the school department. She informed me that there are not contemplated changes in administrative positions on Kauai for the next school year.

In view of the recommendations of the Senate Holdover Committee, the Draper-Hayden Report and the Honolulu Chamber of Commerce for the appointment of younger men in the city, I believe that my transfer to Honolulu could be justified and welcomed this year. I am certain that my educational qualifications plus my military record and civilian background would meet with the approval of the severest critics of the Department of Public Instruction. My transfer could serve as an example to the community that the school department is really taking action with reference to some of the recommendations of organizations or committees that have surveyed the schools in the past few years.

You may recall that my graduate work at the University was in the field of commercial education. While serving as a police reporter with the Detective Bureau, I qualified as a shorthand expert in all courts of Honolulu. I am qualified to practice as a public accountant. With this background in commercial education, perhaps there may be an administrative position in this particular field in the city.

I trust that some thing would be worked out for the next school year. It would enable me to be close to hospital centers that could give me the maximum amount of medical care.

Very sincerely yours

Jack H. Mizuha
Captain, AUS (Ret.)