Capt Jack Mizuha, 01/10/1945

Hanamaulu, Kauai
Jan 10

Dear Colonel:

Read the article with a great deal of interest. Somehow, I felt that there would be a lot left out – of course the rest of our mortar platoon and 2 M.G. sections never got up there that night. They stayed at the base of the hill until morning and came through the mine field in the morning. He failed to mention that stating that they did come through.

You say I’m prejudiced against him. I can’t help it because he ordered me to do a foolish thing after I pointed out to him how unnecessary it was for them to come through. They mortar platoon and two HMG sections were never given instructions by 536 to stop as he says– they got behind because the regiment moved on too fast and they had one of the “pass behind” orders to dig in. When Sparky found out that only a small section of the unit in front had dug in, he called me on the 536 for instructions. That is when I recommended that they stay where they are to the “Boss” but he insisted to have them up there that night. He never got them that night, he didn’t need them, and they his move cost us a lot. – including the paratrooper.

I knew Gillespie better than anyone in the battalion. I’d give credit where its due – but because I am so close to him – I know a great deal more than the average run of the soldier [Friday?] when Mits Fukuda comes back I shall have him hear me out about my ‘gripings’ & Gillespie stayed with us since he relieved you. Couple days after I was shot he evacuated with “ulcers”. Maybe he had enough of a bad stomach, I don’t know.

Let me know the exact status of money you want collected. What are the amount dues from date to date what it will be from a certain date on, etc. Then I can make a good check.

I would recommend collection beginning this month, a certain amount, and then move up the back amounts when everyone comes back after a general accounting. Then there wouldn’t be any confusion.

Kome wrote the other day. They are resting at a hotel. He is gradually coming around to my point of view that the Club must be open to all who wants to join. Suzuki wrote saying they cut his arm again. Hope the
operation is successful. Mizuta is still at Rhoads Gen Hosp in Utica N.Y. He says they will work on him another year.

I’m looking forward to an assignment in the city. That’s the only way I can help the bulk of the boys. If the Veterans Advisory Service comes under the Territorial gov., I want a place in it. I can’t see any 4’F’er who never served in this war messing around with it. I hope when the bill is written that it will specifically limit to personnel to war veterans. The civilian can never understand our problems. I’m always trying to present our point of view but “damn it”, they think I’m crazy.

I shall be in the city during Easter, which comes in the last week of March. In the meantime I think some small set-up should be started for the boys who are back. Some small central gathering place for 100 boys. In that way we can keep them alive. All of the boys whom I have seen have asked that some sort of clubhouse or meeting place be secured for them.

Talk it over with those who are back and get their reaction

Sakae Takahashi is back in a hospital in Va. He may go to Walter Reed.

Best of regards to Mrs Turner.

Sincerely Jack

Betsy Johnson is a real cowgirl here. Every time I see her she is in [riding?] boots.