Jack Mizuha, 10/1944

Dear Colonel:

Received your note and am glad to hear that Ko is back. He must be pretty well shot in his nerves.

Rumors fly twice [as?] fast here about the whereabouts of the 100th. Some say France, others Albania, others South [Germany?]. Its definitely [illegible] [think?] one battalion of the 442nd was in France from after D-day.

Many of us boys are gradually coming back. Their reports about re-assignments here haven’t been too rosy. Gosh! I sort of expected that.

[Boom?] Goto was here for a few days. He told me that they did not discharge Staff Sgt. Larry Hirokawa. Hell that kid lost an eye in Italy – now has a glass eye and the Army still makes him work on some KP duty or planting grass or whatever kind of limited service they may have. It’s ridiculous. I never heard of anyone losing an eye who wasn’t discharged if he wanted to get out with a [rather?] good pension.

You are close to events there in town. Perchance you should look into some of the things that are going on. It would be rather difficult for all of us if there [first?] returning men are badly disillusioned.

Did you get that building from the Japanese Central Institute. After thinking it over, if the 442nd wants to come in, alright. But as I see it, then it will be a complete racial group. The 100th by itself as a club, the 442nd by itself as a club, the 298th by itself as a club, etc would be ok.

Then if they wanted to get together they can have a separate American Legion Post or something. If the club is too damn big, it won’t be any good.

Am fighting my battles here on this island. Gosh! They don’t want to give any thing to a returning service man once you get back to the routine of civilian life.

My regards to Mrs Turner

Sincerely Jack