Major James W. Lovell, 06/25/1945

Monday June 25.

Dear Col.
Still waiting here but should be on my way any day now. On June 12 I went before the retiring board and was given another permanent limited duty, but being there was no position vacancy for me & the regulation which now states that [2/Q?] P.L.S. findings automatically retire over, I will be let out. This Hq went to 7th Service Command for orders and they in turn went to Washington. I continue to wait.

On May 24 I had word to have Gen and children in SF on June 6 I started to drive them out but a wire reached us 3 days later cancelling or postponing travel indefinitely, so I left them at my folks and returned here to be boarded. I have been here since June 9th and frankly I have had enough. I see lots of the boys are getting out, & I hear Mac, Kome, and Corbin are on their way home.

I will drop you a line from here when my orders arrive & tell you when I go & where (Seattle or Frisco).

There I will contact your representatives in either (maybe both cities. Gen will stay with her aunt in Oakland and sweat out a boat. Several of the boys are gone from here and should see you soon. Best regards to Helen.

(Heard from [Mahape?] today)

Sincerely Jim.