Jim (Major James Lovell), 05/21/1945

O’Reilly G. Hosp
May 21 ’45

Dear Col.

Since I last wrote I have returned here, been before the board and gone back to Little Rock for Gen & the children. The board gave me permanent limited service but a wire arrived from the Army ground forces yesterday stating that I am not essential as permanent L.S. so I will go before the retirement board as soon as my 201 arrives from D.C.

I have a wire from [Dunlop?] that will take me home on L.S. but I will wait and come after retirement which should be in about two weeks.

Everything has worked out well and I hope I will be able to drive the family to California for their sailing date which should be coming up soon.

Got a note from Overbeck who states that an approval for L of Merit has gone through for the CO of 442 & thinks you & I should have same. He asks that I send him some info & he will try & put it through. He says there are a couple there who know me & know the 100th & he believes he can get it by. I think I will tell him about the Silver Star incident & if he wants to do something about that I wouldn’t mind.

Mac must be on the way home for Conley is C.O. & Fukuda Exec?. Roxy is back in D.C. after a winter in Fla.

The hospital here has to check all the regulations before they can do any-thing with me for I am their first case from out of the states. I hope to make it by middle June.

It is certainly a grand & glorious feeling to know that every thing is nearly pau. We’ll be glad to see all of you back home.