Jim (Major James Lovell), 09/03/1944

OReilly G. H.
Springfield, MO
Sunday Sept. 3

Dear Col.

Thanks for the Mass Prod letter. I enjoyed it for its great news value. Sorry to hear of Billy A. Yes, Col A is at 271 Inf APO 471 Shelby. McKelvy has D Co. I wanted to be sure and answer those two things first. Your mention of Paul B’s absence reminds me that he never answered a letter I wrote him when I was hit the first time. It is sure good to hear of all of the old gang and the Commercial Club surely brings back memories of some good times.

I have received no medals and don’t expect any. I do have the combat badge that was mailed to me by Kunimura. Perhaps you read an interview of O K that concerned Awakuni. Well the first tank that day was mine and the second was Awakuni. King thought I was firing with a pistol but I had an ’03 and 3 grenades.

I almost forgot to tell you that I returned yesterday from a 12 day leave. Drove the family back and M-G is all set for school. We have a nice house and I am living on quarters and go to the hospital an hour a day for treatment.

The news on the club sounds good and with the [alumnis?] continuing to pour in there should be quite a sum when this ends. Kome seems quite interested in taking in the boys from 442. I think it better if we kept it just the 100th of course including those of 442 who came as replacements.

Fukuda should be in Milwaukee any day now but he don’t know what his disposition will be but expects to return to Italy. He wrote me that the new policy for all boys was to come to the states for 21 days and then back to Italy but Kuromoto (now at 1632 S.U. Fort Sheridan) writes that they will all go to Hawaii and stay there. This seems more correct to me.

I am still on the sticks but can put some weight on the foot and will be OK some day I am sure. I feel fine and will be very happy here with Gen and children.

Glad you found a lot that you liked and you did get a pretty place. Say, next time you write please leave out any mention of chop Suey, luau, etc. for neither Gen nor I can stand it. Best regards to Mrs. T and others that you see. Enclosed Kome’s latest.



(Congrats on being out of the race for Mayor.)