Jim W. Lovell, 02/18/1945

Main Off Club

Camp Robinson Ark

Sun Feb 18

Dear Col

As you can see by my address I have a new job.  Just a little out of my line and a little confining but easy on the leg.  I stayed about 1 month with a training Bn and really had only 2 or 3 bad days in that time.  I was interested in your remarks about Taro for I have wondered what the outcome would be.  When Gen was in Washington at the time of my return she saw Taro several times particularly our nite at the Farringtons. They also went to Dunlops office together.  Gen says that they are quite stuck on each other and the girl is very flashy, well dressed, speaks well and has been around.  This is all right up Suzies alley. Taro is planning on returning of course but says he can see no reason to go to Honolulu to convalesce.  The answer is obvious.  I have written Taro as to his plans and when he thinks he will be released from the hospital.  I believe I did it in such a manner as to not seeming to be prying.  We have corresponded quite regularly and I believe I shall hear from him soon.

I see the names of many of our old friends prominently mentioned in the Philippine news.  Hall of the 11th Corps, Griswold 14 Corp and [Bruski?] of the 40th Div.

You are very right about D. King.  He had many good qualities and one must give him credit for many of the other old soldiers folded.  Blood is still on the loose I understand.  Scoop asked to get out of the service.  Bonin was with 442 the last I heard.  Mits only lasted a week and then to the hospital with bad feet.  Sakae is now at England General Atlantic City with a nerve injury in the arm.  Nothing  like Taro or Mizuta though.  Ishi the cook is at O’Reilly and I saw him when I returned to get Gen and the kids on a 4 day leave.  Had nice letters from Kimata and D. Suzuki.  Have tried to find the where abouts of Goro but no luck so far.  Not much other news and I am swiftly waiting for the May 1st date to roll around so I can be on the way.  Gen and children will leave around June 1st and I will try and make it about the same time.

Aloha to all