Maj Jim W Lovell, 07/01/1944

Springfield, Missouri
Ward A-11

1 July 1944

I have addressed this letter to you and wish that you would pass the contents on to all others of our Battalion who are there with you. This is the only way that I will be able to bring the important contents of this circular to all of you.

“War Dept. Circular 237, 12 Juno 1944” V. Limited Assignment Personnel.’
Combat wounded veterans of the 100th Inf. Bn. who are no longer qualified for general service will be transferred in grade to the Territory of Hawaii for limited assignment in station complements and over head installations.
(AG-220.3) (10 April 1944)

As soon as any of you go before a disposition board and are assigned to temporary or permanent limited service, you become eligible for transfer under this circular.

Be sure that each of you call this to the attention of the board so you will be able to get the proper assignments.

I hope you are doing well and please give my Aloha to any others you might see.

Major, Infantry.