Maj Jim W Lovell, 07/06/1944

O’Reilly General
July 6th

Dear Col.

I rec’d your latest on Saturday and waited to write because they were to take the stitches out on Tuesday and then have the splint off starting today. I thought I would be able to give you something fairly definite about my leg but all I can say is that the incisions are well closed and clear. As to the foot drop, the regulations say they can hold a man up to 15 months with this type of injury or at least until he has maximum return. If there is no return in 3 mo they let him go then. As soon as I am up and on my feet and have a few physical treatments, they will be able to give me the dope. I will definitely be on limited service as will Suzy and if we can get a board to say that and the doctor to say that further surgery will not help then we may get to come back under the circular that I have enclosed. Then all I would need would be physio each day and there are plenty of places there to get that. I have written one of our boys at each hospital the same letter as enclosed and those ready for disposition should benefit by it. There are ten rotation boys at Ft Sheridan and I hear they will be sent home. In the list are Chas Dimond (dancer) Nakamura, 1st Sgt A; Kanesue; [illegible]; Goto, Med; Mac (Suzie’s old driver) and others I can’t recall. I also wrote to them as there may be some who come under this circular.

I have not heard from Kome since May 18, in which letter he told me that a Capt would be up for Rotation in June. I hope he’s on his way and has not been hit which could be the reason for delay.

Gen and the kids are fine and will move here if the powers that be are going to make me stay here. I hope any necessary delay does not interfere with my chances of going to work at L&C. As soon as I can tell that my leg is getting better I may resign by waving all claims and then they may be glad to let me go.

Akamine promised to stop in and see you and may have done so by now. I feel fine and wish I could be out of this bed and up around. I will write again in a few days at which time I may have better news.