Maj. Jim W. Lovell, 09/27/1944

Sept 27, 44

Dear Col.

I read yours of Sept 10 several days ago and thanks for the news. Glad to hear of Keeley and his promotion. I guess Wooch is permanent grade. Hideo Yamashita’s wife works for Blake and speaks well of him.

Thought Singles letter very fine as also Haugen. I have returned both plus several others a few days ago. Had a long letter from Togashi who is at Schofield. Says he has seen you also that Nakasone had sent him a money order. Perhaps you recall the case that came up just before we left Shelby.

Didn’t get to see Fukuda but he wrote twice while home and said “The time was going all too fast.”

Babes letter was newsy and the mention of Fraser reminds me that I wrote from Italy in answer to a change of address card he sent me. At that time he was Trans Corps at Mason

After your word and confirmation by a picture in the Advertiser I wrote the old man and had a nice letter a few days later. He is pretty badly broken up and is being sent to a RTC at Hood now. He is more anxious than ever to go overseas now.

Your mention of two-gun burns me for I know he was after you and did want the outfit. Well he had it for one hour the nite of Jan 25 with the result (unnecessarily) that Jack and several others are gone. Too bad the aid men had to move him before they could get to Jack, or tables would be reversed.

Stu wrote once that Two Gun was at Moore and had also had pneumonia but was doing OK.

Stu married one of Kays girls and Kay was best man. Both Kay & Stu will be in Savage soon.

[Lt?] Whiskers is in the states & some one told me he was a B.G. I just won’t believe that.

Saw your picture with all the boys that are back and all looked might happy. Glad you are able to ease the way for them.

The other nite we had Mr & Mrs Murata Tokofuji, Yamamoto (Kauai) and a Hirokawa who used to be in the 298 Band when I was in the Service Co with Hilliger, down to dinner and we all had a grand time. Tokofuji has all the papers and clippings that have anything about the outfit.

Jimmy Hopkins is at Santa Barbara (Hoff Gen) and Mitchell at Dibble Gen, Menlo Calif. I have written both but no answer as yet. It is 3 months today since my operation and a muscle test yesterday showed no change. Will be OK though I am certain it will be OK in time. That’s about all the news for now so I will close for now. Best regards to both