Maj Jim W. Lovell, 12/28/1944

Springfield MO
Dec. 28 1944

Dear Col.

I am all set to move onto Camp Robinson Ark where I have been assigned to the I.R.L.C. My orders come from Wash and ordered me there on Dec 24. I wired and requested 10 days leave which was granted so I leave here Jan 2. Everyone says “It is a good place and Little Rock a nice town.” I will go ahead and look for a house and then come back and drive the family down. Lt. Bruno is there and I wrote him I was coming and to start house hunting. I also have a letter to a prominent attorney there so he may be able to help me find something.

I will have to be back here on May 1st for an examination. As soon as I get to Camp Robinson and look over the set up. I may feel inclined to try and get with Col. A where I could be of better service as he has over 400 men from Hawaii in his regiment.

Yesterday I rec’d word from Lars in the form of a letter from the GI office stating that WD Circular 349 does include officers although it is headed enlisted men and that I could be sent home as soon as my temporary limited service is pau.

This all seems so funny for the Doc told me to get a job that took little walking and to stay out of the cold. They also told me to plan on some type of work other than athletics. I will probably spend any day initialing service records. They can’t hurt one much in four months so I will sail into what ever they give me. The technical school here at the hospital is trying to get me on here to help in the reconditioning program. This would be a good deal but no one seems to be able to swing it.

Glad to hear from Andy. I had written him but had never heard from him. He was at Fort Mason when I wrote. Bob Yates has not lost his sense of humor I see. Do you folks still play cards?

I had Xmas cards from many of the boys who are back home and have had several letters from Taniyama. Tofukuji has probably seen you and given you most of the dope from this sector. Someone told me Kai was on the west coast on his way home. It has been quite a while since I’ve heard from Kome but his latest showed them to be taking it quite easy and hoping they would continue doing the same.

I get the papers from home but as yet have read nothing of General Ryder or EX Hendrickson and of course am inquisitive. This entire area is a blanket of ice and all autos are inbound. There is very little traffic throughout the entire state. The coldest temperature so far is 7 degrees above zero, but the average has been barely freezing. Well I had better close this and will write my next from Robinson.