Cpl John Ito Ogura, 12/11/1944

With Every Good Wish for a
Merry Christmas
and a
Happy Near Year
John Ito Ogura

Hello Mr. Turner,

How do you feel to be back with Lewers and Cooke? I bet fine. I am still here doing Cadre work. There are about 60 Island boys left here doing Cadre work. I understand many Island draftees are now in Texas. I hope they will join us soon.

Weather here is plenty cold but I do not mind it at all. I am here too long-20 months.

We are sending P.O. Rs every three months and I saw men come and go. We have a new Lt. Col. Now and his name is Lt. Col. Markley. We are under the 14th Headquarters and the man in charge is Col. Peek. I think he was in Honolulu.

War reports from both fronts are good and I think by 1946 victory will be ours.

Until we meet again-
P.S. Say hello to Mrs. Turner

John Ito Ogura