1st Sgt John K Hatori, 02/14/1945

Company “M” 1st Tng Regt.


Camp Sibert, Alabama

14 February 1945

Lt. Colonel Farrant L. Turner
Lewers & Cooke Ltd.
Honolulu, Oahu, T. H.

Dear Colonel:

Hello Colonel, I just received a letter from one of the Co.B 100th Inf Bn boys, that you are now a civilian and back in Honolulu. Ever since you and the boys left for overseas duty, I have tried to keep tab with what ever news I could get hold of from the news paper. I received lots of letters from the old fighting B and some of them are now Lieutenants. 1st Sgt Raymond Kitsu and S/Sgt Johnnie Yamada came to see me. 1st Sgt Kitsu left for the islands and S/Sgt Yamada is now at Florida.

I have been trying to see Major Lovell, as I understand it, he was in the hospital, and it seems so hard to get away from duty.

Colonel I would like to ask a favor of you. You see ever since I left the 442nd Infantry, I have travel from camp to camp. It seems that I dont fit in any camps here, especially when they find out that I have some Japanese blood or I look like a Negro. I have so much trouble with people and military personnel here, that I am fed up. So far I have kept cool and never get into any trouble.

Could you talk to Colonel McDole, who use to be the S/Sgt Instructor at the Armory. As I understand he is the Personnel Adjutant for the AP & SC at Sand Island. He could probably help me to be transferred to the islands. I would appriciate it very much if you could help to get me home. I have been informed that if a request comes from my home town, I would get a transfer. My records have always been excellent and no matter where I been transfer, I have always did my duty as a soldier. I am not asking this transfer because I wanted to be home, its because I dont fit in any of this Haole Units here. I am also writing to Colonel McDole and Colonel Andersen. I think with your help it would make it easier.

I am now in the Surplus Det Sec 1 and atchd to Co. M. and in the last month that I have been here I have been on Asgd and Atchd Unasgd five times.

My wife is still with me ever since Hattiesburg.
Well Colonel what ever you can do for me I sure will appriciate it. My aloha to you and the family, I remain,
Truly yours

John K Hatori, 20010307

1st Sgt. Co. M.