Lt. Col. Jos. I. Orville, 02/18/1945

Chicago, Ill.
18 Feb. 1945.

Dear Farrant:

I was pleased to receive your letter. A letter postmarked “Honolulu” always carries with it a vision of home, the palm trees, flowers and sunshine. I heard about Col. Bush’s promotion and the return of the Reg’t. Alameda, Mendonca, Xang and I swap news on the Reg’t regularly. From what I hear, I believe it won’t be a reg’t much longer.

I met some lads from the 100th Bn in a Japanese restaurant recently. One had been in Hq Co 1st Bn with me at Kaneohe, but I didn’t remember his name. They had been wounded early, two of them, at the Rapido River, and were in a General Hosp in Texas for treatment. It was good to see someone from home here in this city of nearly four million strangers.

Had been reading and hearing so much anti Japanese American since coming to the States that I was peeved, and wrote a squib to Time Magazine, published in Jan. 15th issue. I’m sure you would recognize it if you saw it.

Glad to hear about Voorhees. Apparently he has done a good job. It is apparent that many of our officers have justified the National Guard, and I always feel pleased and proud whenever any of them get a promotion or an important assignment. Imagine Col. A is in France now. Wish I could have visited him when he was in Shelby.

I guess Col S. and the Governor have not been friends since they served together at Shafter during the last War. I guess those of us who have been on the Gov’t payroll so long feel as tho it should forever. That’s the trouble with being head man. Someone’s always gunning for you.

School is going along quite well, and the days are passing quickly. Expect to leave here for the West Coast about May 12th. I still remember the get together we all had at the Commercial Club last year. It was a grand party.

Thanks for your good wishes. It has been a nice honeymoon. I know you must be very busy, but I hope you will write again when you can.

Virginia joins me in sending our very best wishes and kindest regards to Mrs. Turner and yourself.

Sincerely Orville