Capt K Kometani, 01/06/1945

Jan 6

Dear Col,

Enclosed is a snap shot of Fronin’s CP. This is to relieve your mind to let you know we are having a break though the kids are up there holding. This probably is the best sector of [entire?] spot. Fronin is Capt now & he really deserves it. Did I tell you Mits is back after a furlough.

Before I say anything, thank you for the little books, – thats the best present – everyone envied me as it is something we really can use. Hope I won’t be able to fill it & come back soon, though rotation is off now –

Running a rest center for the Bn – as we have our own & what joint. Maybe Delegate Farrington will tell you of it. Good food – good soft bed & plenty of cognac but as the Italians used to say “piano piano”. Getting along fairly well, in French – at least am able to get around – with 18 French working for me here.

By the way, you may not be able to distinguish it, but there’s a bottle of White Horses & that called for this occassion. It was given to me by Capt Wong – whom I met on my way to Paris. Will write again


[written on reverse side of photograph]
Capt Fronin (left
Lt Plourdes center
Lt Col. Singles (right)
Lt Shaumberg – (sitting)