Capt K Kometani, 02/28/1945

Feb 28

Dear Col.

Your letter arrived yesterday and the news about Sam was happily received as we had no news of the 28 who went with him – including five medics and many oldtimers. However, we have heard that there were reports on a few – including Lt. Chicken Miyashiro (C). We have our fingers crossed for Roy Nakamine, Medic, who is Richard Chinen’s god child (you remember).

The old outfit is but a shadow – getting “screwed”- as things have changed quite a bit. The rotation has come back but we can’t see why men 8 months oversees will go when there are many going on their 19 months and positively away from home for 24 months. Our old man Singles left to take over a reg so Mac is up there but with your friend Col. M. in place of Pence – you can guess what’s it’s going to be like. Just before Pence left, I understood from reliable source that I was mentioned as one of the 2 for this month but was turned down on the 100th quota as they claim me on the regimental TO. So they say, until the reg. medic section gets there quota, I’ll probably be here. Kim and Fronin went, though my personal opinion is that they left out the most deserving one, George Grandstaff – but he was somehow placed in my position, being with key Service in the T.O. But, well! A few months won’t hurt, after these many months. The next three weeks will be citation day and the old 100th will get their share of awards. Understand Hisa will get a DSC. Mits is [exec?] now and doing a good job. Ohta is here and so is Nosse and Andy. I doubt like hell they’ll be going any too soon.

The ESC sent us $5000 and you know how we worked on the donation. It was better that way as the other 2 bns. certainly wanted their share to splurge and many fancy ideas. We split ours to the companies and spent it only on good American goods – the PX. If we were to purchase French goods, we can’t buy a pot of tea. Fourteen bucks or 700 Francs is about the cheapest for a good bottle of cognac, while 35 Francs or 70 cents is the least you pay for a shot. This isn’t the champagne campaign-cost too darn much. However, we have the best setup of all troops and hope it’ll be so but we have our doubts. I’m still running the 7 story rest center with Lt. [Kobashigawa?] here in charge of men. We have all the class B boys, including Sgt Yamagata who came back a few days ago and Wozumi whose [facts?] used to be at Castle kindergarden – Besides this and my dental work, I’m acting bn surgeon for the past 2 weeks and possibly for sometimes as we have no medic officer. Then, still special service and a new one for which I went to staff school in Paris (by mistake) the Information and Education. If anything happens to the chaplain, I guess I’ll be it.

Heard from Taro and I can’t understand why he’s still out in Wash. D.C. when I think he can go back. The boys are going back slowly. You mentioned about Jeremy Shiramizu – but I lost my dental technician the same time – remember [Hagashida?]. That was the only time we were not together. The old 34th old timers all returned and the other old div has no veterans. We hope our chance comes, especially now as there are enough men here to take the place of the old bucks. The oldtimers of Club 100 is scattered but if we keep collecting and building up the fund, we’ll get somewhere. Ohta is saving all souvenirs and they are writing bn history. Tomita is here but comes with Goro. He has his gripes too often.

Please extend my best wishes to Mrs. Turner and your son- if you drop him a line. The boys are going to Paris on pass – not bad.

Good luck,