K Kometani, 05/14/1945

May 14
Dear Col,

We went a long way,- in Italy from Salerno to the top of the boot, and then the rough and wooded sector in France- but it’s all over now. The outfit did the job- but the bigger job is yet to come. The Pacific and then back to civilian clothes. We are long way from Hawaii, on our 36th month- and under the mercy of the reg. There are about 100 of us left-2 officers. [Mc?] who is S2 at Reg and J. Other are back or going back. We were the next to go- at least me and few others but as things stand now- there is reorganization of the entire Army-so we must wait. But, certainly, the old, original men who left on June 6 are entitled to return. The 5th G has given us credit from the time we left Hawaii as overseas.- so we would draw the top priority-if it is possible to go back and pick up all the stranded in the States and in this theater, it would be really swell. There are many Hawaiians who deserve to be back. We had a review for Gen Truscott of 5th and he was impressed. Over 130 citations were given. Col Miller got a Legion of Merit with Lt. Col. Hanley. One GRO also got one. Lt Col Conley got a Bronze. Mits made major and is exec. The 442 has overtaken the 100th in citation and the Bronze is common. We are still around- doing odd jobs.-but hoping to come home. The members are certainly talking about 100th and many good ideas were offered. Those from Hawaii with us now-100th would like to join badly, but the provisions do not permit them. There must be a concession made-as the spirit of the 100this high and reputation tops. It’s only the new outfit who can’t give credit to where its due but with Col. Conley, he is fighting like you used to. However, you can understand.

Hoping to be rolling soon-but if possible with all the oldtimers then, we can be happy.