Capt K Kometani, 06/01/1945

June 1

Dear Col,

Under separate cover, there’ll be several boxes shipped to you – war trophies for the outfit. Sgt Ohta has fixed it up & sent it & no doubt he has dropped you a few lines.

Your letter came yesterday, & it was a happy thought to know that you have started the Club & when we get back, we should go to work immediately & start on our job.

There won’t be very many left – possibly 30 of the oldtimers & soon they’ll all be cleaned out. I’ll try & see Mits & get an office to take care of the remaining replacement members.

Richard Chinen, you remember, has consented to help getting the old timers posted on the dues. Hide Yamashita left & has taken the records & he should be there before me – Two groups have started & the third soon my turn is also up so it should not be too long. I can’t say much as it seems this life is getting boresome & tedious & it’ll be a great day when we start on our home ward trek.

My good wishes to Mrs Turner & my friends & hoping to see you –