Capt K Kometani, 10/05/1944


Dear Col,

As you have been close to the part of the war, the above address no doubt not been a surprise to you. – more so- our being here.  Remember just about this time of the year when our engagement got started and we were on the road.  We passed our anniversary at Italy and were about to hold a little celebration when this thing broke loose.

The Club 100 has been organized according to the Article of Agreement you sent Kaji.  No doubt Kaji will write in full.  With Cap. Takahasi, as vice pres; Andy Okamura as Sec, + Hide Yamashita as treasurer; we have had our 1st election at the delegate meeting.  If you will read the article over, there is a few changes.  It was discussed and voted.  However, we are also looking forward to the post war reorganization of the club.  The 442 boys are anxious to join up.  They had talked of forming their own by it is not feasible so they say, and asked if an invitation could be extended from our side.  This will all be discussed in our post war make-up.  They are holding up.  The outfit is getting along after a fashion.

Forgot to mention but the men have asked you to be their representative-as I have taken it for granted. Is always you.  Whatever you do, its ok with us.  Also they have voted Mr. Hemenway, Mr. Joe Farrington and Mr. Leslie Deacon of Castle and Cooke to be our honorary members.  Andy Okamura will write- as we have had no excess to the typewriter – and work has been clogged up.  However, the signatures have been all taken and ready to go.  The reason Kaji was not elected was because of his coming rotation.  He is anxious to get back and he can help you.

France is a much cleaner and better a country.  People have a different attitude and are able to carry on- they insist.   It’s a complete change trying to parlez-vous- after one year of that Italian life.   In fact, the kids were getting so in Italy that they were able to converse well and get what they want.

Haven’t seen much but if the style and dressing up of these ladies is the custom of France, then Paris certainly is the style center.  The mademoiselle looks beautiful.  We might be tempted to stick our hands on their head to find out what keeps their head up so high.  The beer is bad- but plentiful but prices are terrific. It’s because of the difference in money exchange, when the Germans were here.  How would you like to pay 60 cents for a glass of beer and 9 cents for a jigger size Cognac.  At some places, its about 20 cents a glass- which is not too bad.

Boys were delegated to see the pictures in the Advertiser.  They also want to know if you have aged any since you left, after seeing you in civies.  Sweating out a chance to get back as we have 3 dental officers and possibility of Miyasaki to get his commission. Hope it would be my luck to spend Xmas in Hawaii.

Take care- and good luck.  My good wishes to Mrs Turner.