Capt K Kometani, 10/25/1944

France Oct 25

Dear Col,

Your letter about Jack came yesterday. Under the conditions that were – at the time of his death – there were confusion and most of all, darkness & Jerry fires – mud and cold. I’m certain no two stories will be alike. Col Dewey came in ahead of Jack. From what I can see, Jack was hit in the legs, possibly machine gun & while the wounds on his hands indicated wound from mine explosion. He was treated by bn surgeon and sent back to the rear aid for evacuation – but we were notified of his death a very few hours he reached the rear. This may not be a very satisfactory answer.

Kaji is on his way home with others. Hope he gets there by Xmas. Mail finally caught up with us. These last few days were rugged – possibly the worst. The oldtimers are dwindling – 30 from old Hawaii – Able had only 4 oldtimers in the last engagement. You may be seeing many others.