Kai (Dr. Richard Kainuma), 07/02/1945

July 2, 1944

Dear Col.,

You’re a hard man to keep up with, and a lazy man when it comes to correspondence. I had all the intentions of writing you sooner. When you wrote me that letter you were leaving Africa. So, I waited until you got settled back in the states. About that time I got words from my wife that you were going back for some fish and poi. So, I thought I’d wait again. Then, one day not very long ago my sister sent me a clipping taken from the Bulletin. Enjoyed reading that article. Glad you’re expected back there. Yes, I believe you and Jack and the rest can certainly do a lot for the boys. You’re still Big-Chief-One-Puka-Puka to everyone of us!

Just received a card from Mizuha telling me he’ll think of me when he is eating fish & poi. Was sure glad to hear from him and I’m hoping he’ll get along alright. If Kome and I can get together with you and Jack and Jim and Suzy we can really enjoy our dry-run.

Since joining this hospital I’ve had very little rest. Although I’ve only seen couple to old boys I’ve had quite a few of our friend Coulter’s boys. Was glad to see them and take care of them. I’m in good health the CO. and everyone here are swell.

I haven’t heard from Kome for a while now but I guess he is alright. That guy can sure keep himself busy doing everything. He’s doing a wonderful job and my hats off to him. I’ll write to him soon.

If you happen to be walking by near the territorial building please stop by and say “hello” to my brother. He’ll be very glad to meet you. He is working at the Territorial Tax Office, Gross Income Dept.

My best wishes to you and the Mrs. and Junior. Tell me, how’s it feels to walk down King and Fort St. Pau for now, but I’ll write again.

As ever