Kome (Dr. Katsumi Kometani), 05/05/1945

May 5

Dear Col,

Your letter of the 18th is here this morning, & it was a surprise to know that you heard Henry was the [bag?], didn’t know that he went on the air. But the big news is – It’s all over for Italy & that means no more fighting unless they decide to shift us north. We had it tough the first 2 days & then sporadically but for the distance & ground covered & gained, it wasn’t bad – though nothing is good when KIA & MIA mounts. The headlines are good and bad, bad for the lists of casualties. I guess. I’ve seen the first & also the last – I hope. We had – for the first time plenty of confidence that we had them in the bag – but didn’t expect them to throw up so soon. We had a rugged hike – but rather hike than fight. Lyn Crost – Star Bulletin war correspondent visited us thru Delegate Farrington & will be around. You know how it is, the reg. is stuffing her up with the 442 dopes. Kawano left on rotation, Mc was turned down but may make it yet. Your friend [Milte?] made his eagles while Col Pence went to gt. We had Maj Jack Conley of Maui – God sent to tell you the truth as he carried the Bn well, in the fights. Bert Tanaka Charles company, got his commission & the old timers are all 1st Lt

The awards are a great rat race as the reg. is trying to out pace the 100th it seems. They almost caught up to us. The mention of the Club 100 with the “dough” is a sore topic & I guess, it’s not too welcomed by the 442 staff. Had a talk with a few officers & they want me to take the firm step to reorganize & combine – but, not me – as they don’t have the 100 spirit. The [illegible] want to join the 100th. Guess while I’m with Club 100 I’ll have to take a few tail end of things. Sweating and rotation – but guess now that its over, we may be able to go faster. But with Reg. picking officers, I’ll be stuck for a while.

Letters from home mention the ‘not too favorable’ attitude of the vets toward ESC. I can’t understand as the ESC has done a lot for the troops overseas & conditions back there. Am anxious to know how the Club 100 is working back there – (the last meeting) as we have but few boys left here – & feel that they should get started back there. Just received a letter from Mr. Hemenway – that we have about 40,000. We still will be collecting – so it should increase. There are few left. Ohta is in hospital & missed the Italian action, while Nosse & the clerks with Hide is a Reg. Aoki went back with Kawano so they’ll be plenty going My good wishes & hope to see you before the ball season is over