Kome, (Dr. Katsumi Kometani) 10/31/1944

Oct 31

Dear Maj,

The last few days has been rugged – both in weather and action. News release to the folks home won’t be too pleasant but, we know they can take it as they have the truth is, there is but a handful of the original on the line – in fact you can count them on your two hands. I know Able has none & the others down few. Only six o that left Shelby is still here & only one on the line – & thats our fall pitcher– but now Mac is up there, temporary I hope. The bad feet is here – & I can’t see how we’ll hold out another winter. You remember, when you took over – at Cassino – well, the strength is just about – so you know the morale. However, we’ve been give’m hell – & going. It seems they had enough but some how, it doesn’t snap. I hope they can see the way clear to send at least, what little left of the old gang back, before they be carrying crosses here.

Had several letters from Col. T. One was about Jack Johnson. It seems his father have had some word & quite upset and not satisfied about the whole thing. He also wrote to Lt Col Dewey. To me less said is better as nothing could be done. It seems often, the boys who goes home slip on their mouth about those left here. Met a good friend of yours – Lt Liebert – from 111th Eng. of the 36th who dropped in and mentioned of staying with you at 300th gen. You know who we are with now. Both Ohta & Nosse went to the hospital – the first with bad legs & other with “piles” again. Gen. Grandstaff is really doing a grand job & he’s really tops. Henry is still holding on. Sakae went to the hospital while you may hear of Sam later. What a life! This bloody mess. I hope we’ll find you home before long – & me also. Please give my good wishes to Mrs Lovell. Heard from Andy from Snelling today. Hope your leg comes around. You need it for the 4 men basketball team – no substitution –

Good luck, Maj