Kome (Dr. Katsumi Kometani), 11/15/1944

Nov 15

Dear Col,

The outfit has been on the move since I last wrote & though your letter of Sept 24th came sometime, I held out answering it. The way things go, it is almost impossible to keep up & let you know many things. You understand as you were there in A’Life. It has been rough and you will see the results in the papers. But we are having a good break – the best that can come to any outfit. We came out tired & down & then got this good news. Yesterday I was in a beautiful summer resort by the sea – but today up in a snow capped mountain resort village. Fast moving. The new gang is still in & old 100th got the break. However, we hope they can join us as they took it also.

Don’t forget the 100th or the address.

When this letter reaches you it will be about 30 months since I came to Schofield to join you. There are few 30 months men away from home now – in fact you can count on your fingers. Mac, Henry & I are the only three now. Mac incidentally led the outfit for a while. Now Lt. Col. Singles is with us. Old man Pence was laid up & your old friend Miller was at the helm. He certainly “love” the 100th. Glad we took off from them. I hope the bn get the same citation as in Belvedere, Italy – it was thousand fold tougher. But if the new outfit handles it, I have my doubts as it may be fumbled.

Today, we are set up in a swell spot, all in hotels or houses, & plenty of warm chow. Nice brisky weather – & I think the snow is here to stay.

We are glad to know that many boys are coming home. I hope we all – the old timers – have the breaks. The trouble is the 16 months away on the mainland does not count as over seas – otherwise we can all go back. I hope the [U?]D. can be made to see this point – for the boys from Hawaii. Shimatsu was pretty well shaken & in fact, he did not recognize me when he came in. Lt Ko was also in the rough deal & had some unpleasant experience. It seems it’s going to be kind of hard to collect from the boys for a while for Club 100. There isn’t very many members left. It would be very good idea to have those coming home – collect & start the ball rolling. We appreciate what ever you do. The 442 does not has that old One puka puka fight & “spirit”. Got a very nice letter from Mr. Deacon & please express our appreciation to him. Mr. Hemenway also gave us a fine letter. The EBC is doing a good job – but I doubt if they have the spirit when we were together, I mean the first bunch. Hope Maj. gets home also.

When you mention of the unpleasantness at home between our boys & the other soldiers, it makes me think of the boys here. It is altogether different. All they ask is – 100th & that’s all. We are highly respected by Paratroopers & special service force – let alone the others. Sat in a bar with a Canadian officer of SSF & he certainly gave the 100th plenty of credit. Even the 45th thought we did a good job. The longer you stay here, the less you want to brag about the close ones. Somehow, they try to forget. I’ll stop now, the weather stiffens the hand. Take good care of yourself & my good wishes & Mrs Turner & friends.