Pvt. Lee H Blood, 10/23/1946

Oct. 23, 46

Dear Sir:

here comes a few lines to an old friend & C.O. Sure hope you are in the best of health & enjoying life in Hawaii.

Sir do you know if the records of the 100 Inf. are over there or not? I would like a statement of Service from the records if possible for me to receive one. Could you send me a copy of period of Service I had with the 100 Inf & efficiency rating during that period. I am now a pvt and need a statement of Service to gain some pay. Allso if I am elgible for the Combat badge. I was transfered out before I received the Badge & sure would like to prove I saw Combat over in Italy. So if you can try and send me some information as to the above facts. Sure would appreciate anything you can do.

If O. King is there tell him Hello for me & all of the rest. Maybe King can find out some facts for me allso. I was reinstated as a pvt in the Army & am thankful for that. I know I messed up and I am now on my way up the ladder once more. Just came back from the A.G.A. school with an average of 93.8 for the course. So I guess I am of some use to the Army after all. So if it isn’t too much trouble could you help me out with some Official statements as my former C.O. Sure would appreciate any help at all.

Your truly
Pvt. Lee H Blood
Guard Co. U.S.D.B. (6859046)
Ft. Hancock, N.J.