WOJG Nick F M Nakamura, 06/28/1951

28 June 51

My dear Col Turner-

Have been thinking about you after discussing the movie Go for Broke so I decided to write to you, and find out how you are getting along. Hope you are well and kicking around as usual.

I’m OK and taking it easy and waiting for the outcome of the peace proposal which everyone is so anxious about – everyone hopes for cease fire right now but I guess we can’t be too optimistic. We are at Kapyong about 35 miles east of Seoul. Just moved in from Central Korea and prior to that we were in the east central sector when the Reds started their first spring offensive. Received a number of replacements and this is a period of reorganization training and harrassment by snoopers. You remember them days, don’t you? The Army seems to thrive on it.

Saw in the paper the Club 100 had a large gathering for officer installation and I think it is wonderful how the boys stick together and carry on.

Heard that Bert was wounded some time ago. How is he and also where is he now serving. Is he still in Korea, if so, he is eligible for rotation and should be on his way home soon. Maybe he is stuck in Korea like me waiting for replacements and larger officer quotas. Being a local resident from Hawaii, is he eligible for assignment in Hawaii? Won’t it be nice for him to be assigned in Scho Bks for a few years? My regards to him, please.

Well, so long, and take care and hope Bert will be able to join you soon.

Aloha, Nick