Capt. R.T. Kainuma, 08/20/1944

Aug. 20, 1944
Dear Col,
Received your letter of the 29th of July and am indeed very happy to hear from you and to learn of all the wonderful things you are doing and for the Club 100. Your letter is very interesting and I feel kind of reluctant about writing this letter as I can’t for the life of me make my letter one bit interesting. Perhaps if we were having wet-or – dry run right now. I could tell you an interesting “story.” When Mizuha wrote his letter he was with you and said that much as he’d like to make the trip he was too tired. It made me realize that Jack isn’t that same guy anymore, for I remember how he used to love to run around and do this and that. However, many of us are very proud of him and appreciate all he has done.
I’ll be waiting to hear more of the proposed plan and hope that you be able to put it over. Most of the discussions we had were over several bottles of scotch and whiskey but I agree with you 100% and that by the time when most of us get back, I hope, you can have it going strong.
Yes, I’m still in Italy and if I can get a day off I might even drive down and see the place where I luckily escaped being killed. Sometimes I wonder if I’m really on L.D. status as I’m busier here than I ever was. The only difference is that I don’t have to carry a pack and I don’t have to hike like I used to. I might get in on this plan and join you all for I’m on L.D. status, that is if I’m not too essential.
My brother wrote to me about meeting you and of the interesting talk. He was full of praises for you, which made me very happy.
Maybe I’m good and the “hoomalimali” stuff, for I’m getting along wonderfully with everyone here including the patients. But, give me fish and poi any day and the wet run too.
Will write again