Izumi (undated)

Dear Colonel,

Hoping this letter finds you in the best of health Colonel. Hear a lot about you in the papers, seems to me you are working hard and you sure take it easy & think of your health.

Colonel, thanks a lot for seeing my wife & talking to my parents. Appreciate it a lot Colonel. The reason why I haven’t been writing was because as you know I’m a poor letter writer.

I have a pretty good hospital record since you left Colonel. Once at clearing [illegible] for boil, once for Trench feet and I went as far as a general hospital and now for a boil again in a general hospital. I used to get sores on my feet when we were in Italy about this time of the year and now I’m starting to get boils. Maybe the Italian soil didn’t suit me.

Take care of yourself Colonel. See you in Honolulu.