Roy Izumi, 06/14/1945

June 14, 1945

Dear Colonel,

Just received your letter, Colonel. Thank you very, very much for all the kindness that you have given me sir. When I wrote to you I had just received word about that G-2 school & so I was really disappointed after being processed, declared non-essential and waiting for shipment home.

Colonel, received news yesterday & I read part of the order saying that I was alerted for shipment home subsequently for discharge or something like that. Two ports near here has my name, I’m told, & as soon as there is boat leaving I am to report at that port. Right now I’m just sitting tight & hopping that I’ll get home soon.

After I wrote to you, the next day I saw the American Red Cross here, Counselor, Colonel Sperati, commanding officer of Reception Station 14. Not very encouraging news & so I wrote to General Marshal, (Chief of Staff), Mrs. Harry S. Truman, (president’s wife), Mr. Farrington, & the American Red Cross Hq. in Washington D.C. I wrote stating the fact that I was here for transhipment to Hawaii, with 122 privates and my m o s no. of 014 (mechanic) that the ordnance gave me. I was declared non-essential & was asked where I wanted my discharge & so I said Hawaii and that after 15 days or so I was essential because I had to go to a G-2 school in Maryland.

I also wrote that I went 2 G-2 test already (once when I was with the 299th [crease in paper] and the other time before the outfit left for Europe. Both times I was told that since I can’t read or write the simplest Japanese words & couldn’t hardly understand what the interpretor said I was told that no sense of my going to school like that because I would never learn. & now with physical disability, dependency, length of over sea service that I have to leave [here/home?] again & I just don’t believe I can even study. Well, I figured that if I catch hell for writing & the big shots it wouldn’t make any difference because I’m disgusted anyway & so I wrote. I guess my records was investigated by the Adjutant General because since June 10th (I didn’t know until yesterday) that I was alerted for shipment home and for discharge as I understand it.

As I understand it all service force-men like from the 442 & 100th Bn. are going to that school at Camp Ritchi, Maryland. Sgt. Magata former C company boy that was reclassified & working in the Engineers until he was sent here for transhipment to Hawaii on Rotation (I think) left here yesterday with Roy Nakatani former B co for Camp Ritchi. He can’t even go home & has to take his furlough over here. I heard from one of the boys that came back here recently from the outfit that about 68 fellows in Europe that was reclassified & was working in the service force are all going [there?] too and I really think that it is a pretty raw deal.

I don’t know how to thank you for all [hole in paper] you have done for me Colonel, & all I [hole in paper] is thanks ever so much for now.

Sincerely yours