T/5 Shinobu Tofukuji, 12/20/1944

City Drug Co.
Wailuku, Maui
Dec. 20, 1944

Dear Lt. Col. Turner:

I am here on Maui back for furlough, I got in four days ago – I got in Honolulu Sunday and left Honolulu Monday morning for Maui – Sunday I tried to get in touch with you but some how I couldn’t so now I am writing to you this letter.

It’s sure is a grand feeling to return to Hawaii and back to my store but with the xmas rush I am kept busy keeping the drug store.

Major & Mrs J. Lovell, S/SG & Mrs Jack Murata, Sgt. Donald Nagasaki, Pfc. Mutt Yamamoto, and Pvt. Francis Ishii sends there greetings to you – every one are fine and recoverying fast.

When I left springfield, Major Lovell took me to the station.

Changing the subject, is their a possibility of me getting a transfer – when I left O’Reilly General Hospital for my furlough my commanding officer told me if I am exceptered here they will OK my transfer since I am under the limited service.

Lt. Col. Turner, if there is a possibility of me getting transfer in the Hawaii Island, I sure would appreciate if I could stay near home in Maui – I hadn’t had the chance to see Mr. Ray Allen manager of the Wailuku Sugar Co., yet since he is busy but expect to see him in a day or so.

Just yesterday I meet Captain Craft M.A.C. who is in charge of the Medical Supply House in Kahului, Maui – we are old friends in drug store business – he told me he is not too busy but could use me since I know my drugs and medicines.

At present I don’t know what channel to go about so that I could be station here – another thing when I return from California on the Bomber to Hickman Field, & thought they’ll send me to the 13th casual center but they didn’t. I just reported to A.T.C. casual center, slept one night and the following day caught the 19th troop movement plane and came to Maui – I didn’t have any paper to report so I kind of feel funny since it was so easy.

My furlough time – 11 Dec. 1944 to 5 Jan 1945 15 days plus 10 days travel time.

Lt. Col. Turner, I do appreciate very much if you could help me out get a transfer over here – if you want to see me in person with all my papers, I’ll catch the first plane over to Honolulu.

Hoping to hear from you soon. Thank you

One of your former 100th men

T/5 Shinobu Tofukuji [illegible]

P.S. I am sending a snapshot, the latest of the 100th group at O’Reilly General Hospital. This was one of the get together party one Sunday afternoon at Major & Mrs. James Lovell home.
My greeting to Mrs. Turner