T/Sgt Tad Ohta, 09/20/1944

September 20, 1944.

Dear Mr Turner,

Take a break old man. Here’s a line to say all is well.

It’s been raining since 4:00 AM. this morning. A thunder storm. It’s now late in the afternoon and still it haven’t lifted. Looks as if it will continue to pour for the rest of the day. Yep – sunny Italy they call it. And what a life for G.I. Joe in a pup tent.

How are you? Hope everything’s swell.

We are all fine – (the Bn Sec). Still the one happy family. Andy Okamura have taken over Kunimura’s place – with Tom Nosse & Shigeru Oshita – With the new set up Kaji and his gang are all with 442nd – also Motor Pool and BSO. The S-2 section is carrying on wonderfully – Both in OP & CP work. To date S-2 Section can well be proud of having one man with D.S.C. Three others to be cited for Silver Star.

We left the lines sometime ago and the same “resting” as they say but we are busy with training. As you note our change in APO number, you can more or less guess. I have no doubts in it too where we’ll end up. I am sure you’ll hear about us soon. The BN received letters of commendation (excellent ones) from “Bull Heads” and Army.

Kunimura is still killing time in Naples. Waiting for shipping order. On two occasions Tom and I visited his camp and finding him out on pass we dumped out all his belongings in the barracks bag on his bunk. Made a mess of his bed. Bet he cussed when he returned to find it such.

Meetings are being held frequently to bring Club 100 in active existence. Hectic discussions are held as we go through the Articles of Agreement. It shouldn’t be long now that you’d hear from the president.

Couple more boys were given combat promotions – flashing on the gold bars are Lt Mickey Nakahara, Co ‘B’ and Lt Wasato Harada former Co ‘E’.

I myself is fine – only beginning to miss some of my old friends – especially ball players. A few have joined Joe in rest. Others WIA and reclassified. Many of them have already left for the states or home. I understand Goro Moriguchi left on the last ship, Kaneshina – Yamamoto and several others are scheduled to leave very soon. Just a handful of us are left now. One gets pretty lonesome – thinking.

Remember the supplies we shipped to Hampton Rd – VA – before our sailing overseas. Well by golly we got them yesterday; only most of the goods have been taken by somebody else. I was anxious to get hold of that gas lantern – it was gone.

Time is pressing now we got some last orders. Will write again when I have some gripes-

My regards to all-

Tad Ohta