Unknown, 11/29/1944

School Hanamaulu
Address Hanamaulu, Kauai, T. H.
November 29, 1944

Dear Colonel:

Since last writing to you, we had both Mitsuyuki Kido and Masa Katagiri from the Emergency Service Committee here on this island.
Mr. Kido, the-Executive Secretary,” mentioned many problems’ that have arisen with reference to the conduct of our men who are now back on limited service. Many of the things he mentioned perturbs me a great deal, because, if they are true, it will tend to mar the splendid record that our men have made and are making overseas.

They asked me if I would be willing to come to the city for a series of get-togethers with the boys and you, and perhaps discuss some of the problems that have arisen and which will continue to arise as the days go by. Inasmuch as you are in the city, may I hear from you as to how the boys are getting along not only in their limited assignments in service, but also in their associations at home and in the community.
I realize that this opinion may not be the expression of others because you understand the boys better than the general run of people in Honolulu. After I hear from you, I will plan to be in the city right after Christmas for about five days. According to Mr. Kido, they are to be able to get a great majority together, in two or more meetings for general pow-wow about everything.

My aloha to Mrs. Turner.


I saw Betsy Johnson the other day and she is looking fine. She is taking up horseback riding and is a real ranch girl. I think she lost a little bit of weight, but otherwise she is O.K.