Unknown, 10/09/1944

{Wesleyan University Navy Mess}
{Wesleyan University}
{Middletown, Conn.}

October 9th, 44

Dear Oahu: –

Thank you for writing me. I can’t say I’m pleased that you’re [medicalled?] out of the Army, but I am glad that you’re out of the mess after having put in what must have been a fright-fully hard assignment in Italy.

Things go along, here at the College and House. Really surprisingly well, considering War times, it seems to me.

A friend of mine, Lt., Comdr., Wilford Forbes, who has been the medical officer, U-58U-12 schools, here on campus this past year, thinks he may be soon in Honolulu. I am not long on passing friends along, but I did suggest that he might look you up. He could tell you considerable about the college.

[Bugs?] Sr. & Jr. were on Campus, week ago Saturday. I was in New Hampshire, visiting [illegible] MacKenzie, so missed [them?].

To you –yours – my every good wish –

[B?] [illegible]