Col. W.A. Anderson, 11/27/1944

Camp Hood, Texas
Nov 27th 1944

Dear Farrant

Jim Lovell sent me some Honolulu papers and saw where you were awarded the “Legion of Merit” for services as C.O. of the famous 100th. Please accept my Aloha and congratulations as you sure deserve some recognition for the splendid work you did as their C.O. Last week we received through the mail the “Purple Heart” – and certificates awarded to ‘Billy’ – See where Harry Edmundson lost his son in a plane crash in S.C. also Dr Pinkerton and to them go our sorrow.

Jim gave me some dope as to the whereabouts of some of our “Kanaka” boys such as “Doofy” “De Ville” “Cooke” “Oliver” Dick and Francis.

I guess the rest are down South doing their jobs and hope they come out on top.

What is PMS doing now saw a write up about Demerrit. Is Gordon still the bond officer? Had a letter from Capt Chang (CE) but don’t know where he is. Ho Yap’s son Albert is at the hospital at Shelby a 1st Lt M.D. had a long chat with him. Margaret joins me in sending our Aloha to Helen and yourself.


See where “Bert” will do his stuff at WP.