Col. W.A. Anderson, 01/30/1945

Camp Hood Texas
January 30th 1945

Dear Farrant

Your letter arrived several weeks ago and am thankful for all the news about our former outfit also of the home town

Both Margaret and I are well and are getting use to this deep in the heart of Texas climate but I hate this rain and mud.

It is rather cold outside tonight but I have a gas heater going in my cottage which makes it very comfortable when inside doors.

Wrote a note to Shimogaki sometime ago but no answer as of yet also one to Emmet O’Connor

Had a letter from Phil Peck who is on limited service at Camp McClellan and wants to get here.

John Caries is doing very nicely as Bn CO with me and has gained the respect of his fellow officers.

Just heard over the radio that the Russians are 73 miles from Berlin so I guess when you get this they will have reached that city or join with our forces. Things look good on Luzon also so the Japs and the Nazi’s are getting what they asked for.

Am enclosing a letter I sent to Dave Owens but it came back. I thought he was well known even if the address was not as current as it should be so please see that he gets it as I know he is in and out of your office often. (Thanks)

Well this is about all I know to write about for the present so give Margarets aloha to Helen and remember me to my friends.

Aloha nui [Andy?]