T/Sgt Wallace T Morioka, 06/28/1944

Hammond General Hosp – B7
Modesto, California
Wednesday 28 June 1944

My dear Col. Turner,

Perhaps this is a surprise of me writing to you nevertheless here I go.

I read a very nice article about you in the Bulletin and so thought of dropping you a line. Your home address is not known so I am addressing in care of Lewers & Cooke. Hope all is well with you Col. Turner back in the islands. The boys including myself misses you very much and you are always in our thoughts. When time permits us to chew rag you are always on the top among our topics and that’s no joke Col. Turner.

This is a fast moving world and so I moved fast too. Here I am today in Modesto, California recuperating from some scratches I received on the eve of February 22nd. Am recovering fast so won’t be long before I can jump around again. There are at present only six of us here all from rifle companies. Have rag chew practically every eve and of course as I said on the above you are always with us. California as a whole isn’t good for us Col. Turner by that I mean aren’t welcomed too well. It’s a sad case some people are so-o ignorant that they don’t know the difference between A and B. I’ve asked for a transfer to other states but no results as yet, however, one of the boys got it tho. Wisconsin state have always welcomed our boys and that I can prove it. Several of our boys have taken furloughs up there and they bring back nothing but good news of us. They were welcomed by many families and the only complaint by our boys were this – “my furlough was too short.”

After supper today we gathered outside and had a swell chat. One topic was about that one-puka-puka savings.

What shall we do? This is what we suggested – make a memorial plaque for the boys who left us. What do you think of that suggestion Col. Turner. This of course can only be carried on (maybe) after this mess.

We will be all transfered to somewhere in the near future, Col. Turner, maybe-but if we do I’ll drop you another line. By we I mean all the one-puka-puka boys here. But darn it – I hope I get where I asked for.

This being my first time in Calif so everything is strange to me. I’ll probably get use to these guys here with narrow-mindness in the near future if I don’t move around again. Just for the curiosity’s sake I questioned some of these women workers about our boys or better still the Americans of Japanese ancestry. I got disgusted with them because I couldn’t get no intelligent answers. All they think (some of the people) is “What they get for themselves”. It’s a sad case and perhaps time will solve many problems.

Guess I’ve made enough noise so may I hear from you when you have time? Just happen to think of one more thing before I close and that is about my family. I am quite sure my folks will be darn happy to meet you sometime so if you do have time, Col. Turner, won’t you drop over and see them? I will certain appreciate that. They live at 621 Libby st corner of Dillingham Blvd in Kalihi.

Well so long Col. Turner and Aloha to you and your family.

Very sincerely yours,
T/Sgt. Morioka