Wm S. Pye, 01/08/1946

Jan. 8th

Dear Col:

I sure was glad to get a Xmas card from you. My cards didn’t get out soon enough to get one to you. I got back to the states four days before Xmas and you see I didn’t have too much time.

I sure have thought a lot about the boys and the islands and intend to come over one of these days for a visit at least. I don’t expect to be there until 1948 but we are going to try our darnest to come over then. I want so much to renew my old friendships and see all of the boys.

You know I never knew whether I was a good officer or not but I did try to be and I think the boys liked me. I know I like them and I only wish there was some way I could do so.

I know you remember Fitz. He lives about two hundred miles from me and we have seen each other a couple of times. In fort Fitz and his wife were both at our wedding, you know I got married almost as soon as I hit the states. Then we had a three week trip down into Old Mexico.

Col, I wish that you would take the trouble to write me and if the outfit ever gets back I would sure like to have some news clipping and if you know any of the boys in Charlie or Baker Co’s send me their address.

I have made this much to long, I am afraid. But I could write and write.

Wm S Pye