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At Camp McCoy, Wisconsin in September 1942, photographs of the officers and each company were taken by Army Signal Corp photographers. These photos were framed and hung in the Honolulu clubhouse that was built in 1952 by the veterans who had formed Club 100 after the war.

The Hawaiian Provisional Infantry Battalion was formed in May 1942. After the battalion arrived in Oakland, California in June, it was designed the 100th Infantry Battalion (Separate). On page 63 of “Ambassadors in Arms: The Story of Hawaii’s 100th Battalion” by Thomas Murphy, it was noted that its commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel Farrant Turner, was told the rifle companies could not be commanded by officers of Japanese ancestry. He proceeded to select Caucasian officers who had either been born in the Islands or had been living in Hawaii and were familiar with the local population. By the time the 100th left for Oran, Africa in September 1943, this directive was no longer in effect.

The captains he selected were Alex McKenzie, Phillip Peck, Clarence Johnson, Charles Brenaman, and Jack Johnson, commanders of Headquarters, A, B, C and D Companies. On pages 63 and 64, Murphy described the background of these four officers:

  • McKenzie was born in the islands, a graduate of the University of Hawaii and Southern California. He had joined the Hawaii National Guard in 1937 as an enlisted man and had risen in rank. His civilian job had been at the Stanford Oil Company of California in Honolulu.
  • Also joining the Guard in 1937, Peck was a graduate of the university in Hawaii and in California. He had worked at the Inter-Island Steam Navigation Company.
  • C. Johnson had arrived in Hawaii as a private in the Army, and after his enlistment ended in 1934, he went to work at the Pearl Harbor Navy Yard. The next year, he joined the Guard and rose in rank.
  • Brenamen was a soldier in France during World War I and in 1929 had arrived in Hawaii as a sergeant in the Army. He became an instructor for the Guard and maintained his active status even after he left for a job in the private sector. When he reported for duty, he was forty-two years old.
  • J. Johnson was well known in the islands as a football star on the University of Hawaii’s football team. At the University, he was student commander of the ROTC and joined the Guard in 1939. Two years later, he was sent to officers school at Fort Benning, Georgia.

The captains of Japanese ancestry were Dr. Isaac Kawasaki (Surgeon), Dr. Katsumi Kometani (Morale Officer), Taro Suzuki (Supply Officer), and John Tanimura (Utilities). Major James Lovell was the Executive Officer.    

The five images below were scanned by volunteers at the Nisei Veterans Memorial Center in Kahului, Maui. The original photograph was a panoramic image of all the officers.

Commanding Officers

Rank Name Beginning Date of Command Reason for Leaving
Lieutenant Colonel Farrant L. Turner May 29, 1942 Relieved of command due to health issues.
Major James J. Gillespie October 29, 1943 Hospitalized because of illness. Later promoted to Lt. Colonel.
Captain Alex E. McKenzie December 1, 1943 Assumed temporary command.
Major William H. Blytt December 4, 1943  
Major Jack Johnson, Jr. December 15, 1943 Killed in action on Jan. 25, 1944.
Major Casper Clough, Jr December 25, 1943 Relieved of command. Refused to commit B Co. to cross mud flats because he thought it was a suicidal mission. Wounded soon after.
Major George L. Dewey January 25, 1944 Wounded at Cassino.
Major Caspar Clough, Jr January 25, 1944 Resumed command.
Major James Lovell January 29, 1944 Returned from hospital, took command but was severely wounded on Feb. 8.
Major Caspar Clough, Jr. February 8, 1944 Resumed command.
Lieutenant Colonel Gordon Singles April 2, 1944 Took command until mid-January 1945 when he was promoted to full Colonel and transferred to 397th Infantry.
Major Alex E. McKenzie Mid January 1945 Assumed command after Singles is promoted.
Lieutenant Colonel Jack Conley March 12, 1945  
Major Mitsuyoshi Fukuda July 7, 1945 Named Executive Officer of the 442nd Regiment on October 5, 1945 (Date provided by his soon David in July 2019)

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All Officers (ALL CAPS = Killed In Action)

Last Name First Name Rank Army Serial # Joined 100th after May 8, 1945
Akamatsu Kaoru 2nd Lt O-420502  
Aki George Major (Chaplain) O-543334  
Akins Thomas W Capt O-316554 x
Alexander Henry 2nd Lt O-1307491  
Allison Leon B 2nd Lt O-1308582  
Anastasio Angelo 2nd Lt O-1307633  
Anderson Daniel J 2nd Lt O-493658  
Androvette Edward E 1st Lt O-1311465 x
Arnold Charles E Capt O-1289674  
Asai Sim Lincoln 1st Lt O-303651  
Becker Jr William J 2nd Lt O-1301765  
Blood Lee H 1st Lt O-6859046  
Blytt William H Major O-280572  
Bond George H 2nd Lt O-514507  
Bonin Victor J Capt O-1289538  
BOODRY JAMES 1st Lt O-1317876  
Brenaman Charles A Capt O-280996  
Carter George W 2nd Lt O-1299849  
Castoldi Paul 2nd Lt O-1304023  
Cenate Harold N 2nd Lt O-1304860  
Chapman John G 1st Lt O-482523  
Chasse Edward D 2nd Lt O-1304862  
Chinen Jon Jitzuso 2nd Lt O-2046476  
Chipman Herbert W 1st Lt O-1300451  
Chipman, Jr Albert Byron 2nd Lt O-538397 X
Christopher John Capt O-1289121  
Clicher Sol H 2nd Lt O-1306265 X
Clough, Jr Casper Major O-21979  
Coles Sperry S 2nd Lt O-1305732  
Collins William J 2nd Lt O-1062756 X
Conley Jack E Lt Col O-348126  
CONNOR, JR CLOUDY G 1st Lt O-1295997  
Corbin Paul E 1st Lt O-1289550  
Coyne Charles A 1st Lt O-1289551  
Dahl John J Capt O-1821418  
DeLuca Anthony 1st Lt O-1322135  
DeMaiolo Frank A Capt O-1291437  
Dewey George L Major O-15188  
Dionolo Thomas 2nd Lt O-1298007  
Doss William B 2nd Lt O-1688326  
Drebin Raymond 2nd Lt O-1300944  
Drolet Raymond A 1st Lt O-423373  
EATON KENNETH E 1st Lt O-1289709  
EBATA TETSU 2nd Lt O-1702992  
Ells Ernest E Major O-196250  
ETHRIDGE HAROLD C 2nd Lt O-1300302  
Felt Marion F 1st Lt O-1323116  
Fitzhugh Lester N 1st Lt O-1285729  
Fox Robert W 2nd Lt O-1327345 X
Fraser Andrew S Capt O-379864  
Froning Paul E Capt O-1308210  
FUJITANI ROSS K 2nd Lt O-1691718  
Fukuda Mitsuyoshi Major O-372977  
Fukushima Yasutaka H 1st Lt O-353465  
Gillespie James J Major O-354218  
Grandstaff George H Capt O-1307223  
Guthrie Robert A 1st Lt O-1311584 X
Haines Robert L 2nd Lt O-496758  
Hamasaki Richard N 2nd Lt O-1683429  
Hamasaki Tadayoshi 2nd Lt O-2055888  
Handley Victor G 2nd Lt O-1308211  
Harada Wasato 2nd Lt O-1695654 X
Hart Richard W 2nd Lt O-1310102  
Hill Joseph W Capt O-436574 X
Hino Kenji 2nd Lt O-2039581  
Hirano Roy M 1st Lt O-425914  
Hirano Dick N 2nd Lt O-1703003  
Hirsch Milton A Capt O-1288743 X
Hisanaga Kazuma 1st Lt O-1703068  
Hite Merle L Capt O-441455 X
Hodges Lavern L Capt O-1293951  
Hopkins Henry S 1st Lt O-1289582  
Hopkins James K 2nd Lt O-1300328  
Ikeda Gregory H 1st Lt O-379036  
Inomoto Satoru 2nd Lt O-1999529  
Iwasa Walter M 2nd Lt O-2046479  
Jakuszewski Alphonse J 2nd Lt O-1307822  
Johnson Clarence A Capt O-369232  
JOHNSON JR JOHN (JACK) A Major O-320297  
Johnston Walter F 1st Lt O-1289739  
Jones Robert E 2nd Lt O-1304309  
Kadowaki Robert N. 2nd Lt O-2046477  
Kainuma Richard T Capt O-418692  
Kajikawa Hideo WOJG W-2108279  
Kanazawa Kanemi 1st Lt O-372481  
Kaneko Kenneth K 1st Lt O-1695618  
Kanemura Fred S 1st Lt O-1695617  
Katahara Sadami 1st Lt O-353468  
Katano Etsuo 1st Lt O-1998640  
Kawano Henry M Capt O-368800  
Kawasaki Masayuki 1st Lt O-353469  
Kawasaki Isaac A Capt O-420945  
Key Lewis A 2nd Lt O-1291375  
Kim Young Oak Capt O-1309572  
King Oscar Major O-1289591  
Kirsch Peter 1st Lt O-1311252 X
Kitagawa Kiyoshi 1st Lt O-336256  
Ko John Yohan 1st Lt O-1295902  
Kobashigawa Yeiki 2nd Lt O-1691717  
Kodama Francis K 1st Lt O-1646751  
Koga Masao 1st Lt O-306067  
Kometani Katsumi Capt O-476008  
Krivi Andrew H 2nd Lt O-1306522  
Kudo Francis M 2nd Lt O-2055905  
Kuramoto Kiyoshi K 1st Lt O-343581  
Kutaka Masato W 2nd Lt O-2039553  
Lakner Julius 2nd Lt O-1307712  
Landress Sylva M 2nd Lt O-1307713 X
Lass Douglas 2nd Lt O-1309759  
Lee George S H 2nd Lt O-1302323  
Lovell James Major O-334033  
Low James W 1st Lt O-1320363 X
Lowell Russell J 1st Lt O-511282  
Lubitz Samuel 2nd Lt O-1061776  
Luke Harold W Capt O-1289447 X
MAEHARA SABURO 1st Lt O-343584  
Marques Harold L 1st Lt O-282550  
Marzano Rocco G 1st Lt O-406109  
Mastrella Angelo A 1st Lt O-490633  
Matsunaga Masayuki 1st Lt O-415100  
McGill William C 1st Lt O-1292381  
McKelvy Robert J Capt O-1289608  
McKenzie Alex E Major O-373957  
McLaughlin John F 2nd Lt O-1301344  
Meier Alvin Joseph 1st Lt O-1311674 X
Metcalf James L 1st Lt O-10595559 X
Mitchell Norman C 1st Lt O-1307283  
Miyake Howard Y 2nd Lt O-2055907  
Miyamoto Harry H 2nd Lt O-2055889  
Miyasaki Herbert Yoshiki 2nd Lt O-1336100  
Miyashiro Takeichi T 2nd Lt O-1703070  
Mizuha Jack H Capt O-331006  
Mizuta Richard K 1st Lt O-331007  
Moran Edward V 2nd Lt O-1305813  
Nakahara Mickey Y 2nd Lt O-1695664  
Nishida Yoshiharu 2nd Lt O-2055906  
Nishimura Harry M 1st Lt O-2039573  
Nishimura Matsuhei H 2nd Lt O-294414  
Novack David 1st Lt O-1298647  
Ohata Allan M 1st Lt O-1691719  
Okada Ichiro 2nd Lt O-410147  
Osberg Franklin G Capt O-440643 X
OTAKE MASANAO 2nd Lt O-1703069  
Peck Philip B Capt O-254285  
Penter Kenneth L 2nd Lt O-1290997  
Percey Samuel W 2nd Lt O-1300374  
PERRAS FRANCIS J 2nd Lt O-1301535  
PETERSON ROY T 2nd Lt O-1307456  
Planas Alvin 1st Lt O-2039546  
Plourde Thomas Capt O-1304942  
Prentice John C 2nd Lt O-1289672  
Pye William S Capt O-1312107  
Raeder Kenneth S Capt O-1289799  
RAY NEILL M 1st Lt O-1289802  
Reitzell, Jr Frank V 1st Lt O-1296089  
Riddle Donald N 2nd Lt O-1311687  
Roll Edward W 2nd Lt O-6188380  
Rothmeeler John A 2nd Lt O-1308221  
Ryusaki Toratsugu 2nd Lt O-2039519  
Sakamoto Samuel M 1st Lt O-349640  
Sale Lindley R 1st Lt O-1312339  
Santschi William H 1st Lt O-1688382  
Scanlon Jerome A 2nd Lt O-1305998  
SCHEMEL KURT E 2nd Lt O-1290619  
Schoenberg Harry I Capt O-1305469  
Schwartz Marvin 2nd Lt O-1307858  
Secord James C 2nd Lt O-1688299 X
Shepherd George S 1st Lt O-1313652  
Shimatsu Hisae 2nd Lt O-2055908  
Singles Gordon Lt Col O-18522  
Sodetani Toshimi 2nd Lt O-2039503  
Suzuki Taro Capt O-242011  
SWEITZER EDWARD H 2nd Lt O-1313179  
Swenson Donnell D 2nd Lt O-1313041  
Tahira Masami 2nd Lt O-2037601  
Taira Robert S 1st Lt O-368801  
TAKAGI BOON E 1st Lt O-1309484  
Takahashi George Shiyogo Capt O-523044  
Takahashi Sakae Capt O-409160  
Takemoto Francis S 1st Lt O-2046481  
Tanaka Ernest S 1st Lt O-409161  
Tanaka Bert M 2nd Lt O-2039479  
Tanimura John M Capt O-214630  
Teraoka Kiyoshi Denis 1st Lt O-385079  
Tsubaki Kiyoto 1st Lt O-275618  
Tsubota Shigeru 1st Lt O-386483  
Tsukayama Conrad C 2nd Lt O-1998655  
Turner Farrant L Lt Col O-241826  
Vaughn James C 2nd Lt O-1289655  
Whalen James J 2nd Lt O-1300425  
Williams John F 2nd Lt O-1292800  
Willis Dillard L D Capt O-1289844  
Wise Scott A 2nd Lt O-1289845  
Wnek Russell J 2nd Lt O-1292104  
Yamamoto Herbert W 1st Lt O-343588  
Yanagawa Yoshio 2nd Lt O-2039571  
Yoshimasu Masami 1st Lt O-379044  
Yost Israel A S Capt (Chaplain) O-511005  
Young William M 1st Lt O-1310361 X
Zupkas Michael 2nd Lt O-1688306 X

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