Fred Kagawa (Yasuo), 09-27-1942

Sparta, Wis.
September 27, 1942

Dear Mrs. Hendersin,
How are you folks getting alone [sic]? I
am getting along fine but it sure is
cold lately.
We moved from the old Camp to the
new Camp four days ago. We were
living in the tents all this time with-
out heater and sure were cold. It was
so coller [sic] that I can’t sleep. But now
we are living in the barracks and have
heating system and lots of hot water for
show [sic]. It sure warm in the barracks!
I am sending you the rest of the pictures I took
at your sister[sic] farm. Sorry for the delay.
Also I send [sic] it to your sister. Give my
best regards to your husband, Betty, Nancy,
Joanne and Bobby. Aloha
Sincerely yours,