Hendersin Letters

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hendersin of Sparta, Wisconsin befriended members of the battalion while they were stationed at Camp McCoy. These letters are from many of the veterans who visited their home.

Alex McKenzie, 08-27-1942

Allan Ohata, 07-20-1942

Allan Ohata, 01-23-1943

Allan Ohata, not dated

Casey (Toru) Orikasa, 01-17-1943

Francis (Morio) Nakamura, 02-07-1943

Fred (Yasuo) Kagawa’s brother Paul, 10-12-1942

Fred Hosokawa, 01-14-43

Fred Kagawa (Yasuo), 09-01-1942

Fred Kagawa (Yasuo), 09-15-1942

Fred Kagawa (Yasuo), 09-27-1942

Fred Kagawa (Yasuo), 01-16-1943

Fred Kagawa (Yasuo), 04-23-1943

Fred Kurisu, 07-28-1942

Fred Kurisu, 03-19-1943

Fred Kurisu, not dated

Harry (Toshiyuki) Horiuchi’s uncle Richard Yoshida, 12-17-1942

Harry (Toshiyuki) Horiuchi’s uncle Richard Yoshida, not dated

Hideo Kon, 07-09-1942

Hideo Kon, 07-29-1942

Hideo Kon, 08-22-1942

Hideo Kon, 01-14-1943

Kenneth Yoshiura, 09-16-1942

Richard Last name unknown, 08-18-1942

Rudy Yoshioka, 10-08-1942

Rudy Yoshioka, 01-25-1943

Thomas Higa and friends, 08-11-1942

Thomas Higa, 07-27-1942

Thomas Higa, 08-26-1942

Thomas Higa, 09-18-1942

Thomas Higa, 09-21-1942

Thomas Higa, 09-29-1942

Thomas Higa, 10-28-1942

Thomas Higa, 01-23-1943

Thomas Higa, 02-28-1943

Thomas Higa’s sister, 09-06-1942