Fred (Yasuo) Kagawa’s brother Paul, 10-12-1942

Ewa, Oahu, T.H.

Dear Mr. Scott Hendersin,
You might be surprised at first to hear from the unknown
friend from Hawaii. I have a brother at Camp McCoy,
Wisconsin. His name is First Class Private Fred Y. Kagawa in
Co “E” 100th Inf. BN. You and your family know him well because
he had visited your farm. He wrote and said that he had a
swell time at your farm and how swell your family were.
Also he was invited for supper, for picnic and was enter-
tained by family, friends and relatives.
My mother and our family wish to thank you, your family,
your friends and your relatives.
My brother Fred mailed to us many snapshots taken at
your farm. One snapshot we sent to Wendell with the
letter. (one with only family group) We could tell by looking
at the snapshots that he sure enjoyed it.
My brother Fred wrote about your son Wendell in the
navy at Pearl Harbor at present. Gave us his address. My
other brother Stanley wrote to him about a month ago trying
to get in touch with him. We didn’t hear from him or didn’t
get his letter but we are still waiting.
My mother and our family have sent some packages
containing 5 lbs sugar, 2 cans pineapple and 2 pkg. coffee.
This [sic] things are all made in Hawaii and I thought maybe you
cannot have this [sic]things easily out there.
We also sent a book. Title “Hawaiian Life in Pictures” that
you might be interested to read.
The packages and the book will get to you late because [sic]
by boat.
Again our family wish to thank you, your family, friends
and relatives
Brother of Fred
Paul M. Kagawa