Harry (Toshiyuki) Horiuchi’s uncle Richard Yoshida, 12-17-1942

4228-A Waialae Ave.
Honolulu, T.H.
Dec. 17, 1942

Mr. Scott Henderson
R.R. 3
Sparta, Wisconsin

Dear Mr. Henderson:
Your letter and the very Christian Chris-
tmas card arrived yesterday. Thank you
for the nice greetings.

Hoping that all of you are in good
health and getting along successfully.

You must be a good Christian
and a fine patriot; by this Christmas
card and your letter, I surmise.
And so I hope my nephew and all the
other boys being prepared by Uncle Sam
to be sent to the fighting front produce
and give their all when their time comes;
as are our fighting forces in the Solomons
area are doing, the enemy is reeling back
and will be drive out of the strategic
areas. And may Christianity and freedom
last forever and it will for God is back of it.
May God be with you all, always; I remain.
Richard Yoshida